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Socializing Your Puppy

December 15 2014

Are you bringing a puppy into your home? Congratulations! All of us here at your local vet clinic Collingswood love to see animals going to great ‘furever’ homes. When you bring a puppy home, you’re embarking on a long, beautiful journey with your new canine buddy. A large factor in how your dog will behave as adult is how he experiences the world while he’s a puppy. Socializing is area that is critical to your pup’s well-being and behavior. Read on for information on this crucial part of little Fido’s growth.

What Is Socializing?

Socializing means exposing your puppy to a variety of new experiences, and allowing him to meet new people. There is a specific window of time for socializing puppies, which is generally between three and 12 weeks. This critical period is when baby Fido is first figuring out the rules of this brave new world. If he learns to be open to new experiences while he’s young, he’ll be much more relaxed and easy-going down the road. In fact, the chances of your furkid developing behavioral issues, such as aggression, are much higher if he isn’t properly socialized.

How To Socialize

Socializing little Fido can actually be quite fun! One way to help your puppy get used to people is to invite friends and family members over. A mix of age, gender, and ethnicity is best, so your furbaby gets used to people from all walks of life. Have everyone give the little guy some attention and kibbles. You can also bring baby Fido to parks, or invite a friendly dog over to play. You can also take your furry pal to Scout meetings, or simply take him to a mall entrance with a friend and sit there. People are guaranteed to want to pet him! Puppy kindergarten is another great way to teach your canine buddy social skills.


Never force your puppy into more than he can handle. If baby Fido seems frightened, and tries to huddle closer to you when approached by someone new, the little guy is scared. Take him home, and proceed in baby steps. Also, be very careful when exposing him to other dogs. Puppies may not complete their vaccinations until they are 16 weeks or older, and you don’t want to risk little Fido getting sick.

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