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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Digging

May 15 2017

Does your pup have a penchant for leaving holes in your yard? Man’s Best Friend has many wonderful qualities, but his fondness for digging isn’t quite as endearing as those cute tail wags and adorable head tilts. Read on as a Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers tips on keeping your canine buddy from digging.

Keep Fido Active

Dogs are very frisky and energetic, especially when they’re young. If Fido isn’t getting enough exercise, he may have too much pent-up energy. Take your pooch for a good walk every day, and tire him out with a few rounds of Fetch.

Build A Puppy Sandbox

In the wild, dogs often bury food to store it for later. This habit is pretty deeply ingrained in some of our canine pals. If you have noticed that your pooch likes to bury things, get your four-legged pirate a sandbox, and put some fun toys in it for him to dig up. Fido may have so much fun digging for goodies that he leaves the rest of the yard alone.

Keep Up With Pest Control

Sometimes dogs dig because they are trying to reach a critter that is tunneling under the yard. If your canine companion tends to dig in straight lines, he may be hunting something. Use humane, non-toxic pest control options to get rid of uninvited guests.

Offer Fido Lots of Toys

Boredom is another reason dogs sometimes dig. Offer Fido lots of fun playthings, and play with him every day. This will be fun for both of you!


Fido could also be digging to try to escape. Sometimes dogs want to get away from something that is making them uncomfortable. Make sure your yard offers your canine friend shade, shelter, and water, as well as entertainment. It’s important to keep up with your pet’s parasite control products as well. Also, don’t leave your dog outdoors too long. Fido may love fresh air, but he is much happier living indoors with his human pals. Your furry buddy may also just want a change of scenery. Take your pooch on fun outings to parks or trails. Last but not least, have your canine companion spayed or neutered, so he isn’t tempted to run off looking for love.

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