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Leaving Your Cat Alone

April 15 2018

Do you leave your feline pal home alone while you go off to work to earn money for cat food and kitty litter? Fluffy is quite independent, and can do just fine by herself for short periods of time. However, you do want to take some steps to make sure that your furball stays happy, healthy, and purring while you are away. Here, Cherry Hill, NJ vet discusses leaving your cat home by herself.


While Fluffy will probably spend a good amount of her alone time napping, even the sleepiest kitty can’t snooze all the time. Make sure your feline buddy has lots of fun toys to play with. You can also set out some pet safe plants for your cat to nibble on and hide behind. Check the ASPCA site for suggestions. If you really want to pamper your pet, purchase a device that lets you play with your kitty remotely, using a laser pointer, camera, and phone app


Never underestimate the amount of mischief a frisky kitty can get into! Make your home safe for Fluffy by removing or securing toxic plants; wires and cords; plastic bags and ties; chemicals; medicine; small or sharp objects; and other potential hazards.


Keep your furball’s comfort in mind. If you will be out after dark, keep a light on for Fluffy, so she doesn’t end up sitting by herself in a dark, silent house. You may also want to keep a radio or TV on for your feline friend. The sound of music and voices will provide both background noise and stimulation, and can help keep your cute pet from feeling bored or lonely. Keep your climate control running as well.

Window View

Offer Fluffy a comfy window seat, so she can sunbathe and spy on local wildlife. Kitties can spend hours just watching birds and squirrels and daydreaming about being ferocious predators!

Extended Absences

If you’re going away overnight, just make sure your furry friend has plenty of water and dry food. (Wet food won’t last very long, so putting out extra portions isn’t really a good idea.) However, if you’ll be gone longer than that, have someone stop to check on Fluffy, or consider boarding her.

Please reach out to us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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