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Making Your Cat Feel Safe

May 15 2019

Do you have a scaredy cat? Just like people, kitties are all unique. Some are quite bold and fearless, while others are very shy. In this article, a Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some tips on making your kitty feel safe.

Offer Hidey Holes

Cats often feel safest in small, enclosed areas. Offer Fluffy lots of hidey-holes to retreat to if she feels threatened. This can be a pet tent or tipi, a kitty tunnel, or even just a box or storage tote. Ideally, your timid pet should have at least one hiding spot in each room.

Kitty Haven

Make your home a fun, comfy kitty palace by setting out lots of comfy beds and napping spots. Fluffy may also appreciate having boxes and paper bags to explore.

Vertical Space

Many cats feel more comfortable on high ground. Offer Fluffy vertical space, like a cat tower. This one is especially important if you have another pet that is bullying or chasing her.


Stability will go a long way in making a nervous furball feel safe again. Keep Fluffy on a set schedule for meals and playtime.

Obey The Furball

Never pick your feline buddy up against her will, or keep holding her if she wants to get down. Let Fluffy decide when it’s time to cuddle.

Avoid Confrontation

Cats, understandably, often feel more threatened when they are trapped. Never corner Fluffy, or approach her from an angle that doesn’t give her an easy exit.

Easy Down

Speaking of putting cats down, if you need to put your furball on the floor, make sure to do so gently. Don’t let go until those cute paws are on the ground. Many kitties hate being dropped, and we really can’t blame them!


Helping your cat form a positive association with you is very important. If Fluffy loves food, give her snacks frequently. If she is frisky and energetic, toys and playtime are in order.

Safe Zone

If you’ve just adopted your kitty, give her a quiet, comfortable place to settle in. Put Fluffy’s bedding, food, toys, treats, and litterbox in a back room, along with cat furniture.

Soothing Sounds

Talking to Fluffy can help her feel loved and safe. Playing some soft music can also help soothe your not-so-savage beast.

Please reach out to us, your Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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