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Tips For Taking Your Cat To Work

June 15 2019

June 17th is Take Your Cat To Work Day! You’ve probably heard about Take Your Dog To Work Day, which is a fun way to celebrate our canine pals. But what about Fluffy? Is it really a good idea to take her to work? A Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some tips on this below.

Cats With Jobs

The concept of working kitties isn’t entirely unheard of. In fact, there are cats out there holding down some fairly distinguished jobs. There’s Larry, The Chief Mouser to The Cabinet Office, who lives with Britain’s Prime Minister. And Tama, who was the official stationmaster of a railway in Kinokawa, Japan. Plus, there are furballs all over the world ’employed’ by bookstores, libraries, cat cafes, and, of course, barns.

Tips For Getting Fluffy Hired

Taking your cat to work sounds like a great idea. Having your furry buddy purring beside you would definitely make the workday more pleasant and less stressful. However, Fluffy isn’t suited for all positions. She’s really best qualified for small, quiet shops and offices, or farms and barns. We don’t recommend taking cats in to factories, restaurants, or any place with a lot of boxes or breakable objects. Regardless of where you work, you’ll need to get permission before taking your kitty in to work with you. Your pet should also be microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on all vaccinations and parasite control products. You’ll also want to consider your feline pal’s purrsonality. If Fluffy is aggressive, loud, or timid, she may be more comfortable with her normal stay-at-home job, which consists of lounging around the house, sleeping, and looking cute.

What Could Go Wrong?

Cats definitely have a knack for getting themselves into mischief. Fluffy may spend the day knocking pens onto the floor, eating the office plants, or pouncing on your co-workers’ shoelaces. She may also nap on your keyboard or groom herself on your boss’ desk. Some furballs may occupy themselves by stealing chairs, while others will sprawl out in whatever spot happens to be the most inconvenient. Of course, we don’t have to guess about what your kitty will do after working like a cat all day. She’ll head straight for her favorite napping spot to catch up on her sleep!

Please reach out to us, your Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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