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Winter Cat Care

December 1 2020

Winter is coming! Your feline pal may not be too concerned about heating bills or shoveling the walk, but she will need a bit of extra TLC at this time of year. This can be a dangerous season for kitties! A local Cherry Hill, NJ vet discusses winter cat care below.

Keeping Kitty Cozy

Fluffy may have a fur coat on, but she can still get chilly. Cats also love to seek out warm, cozy spots to nap in. Give your kitty lots of comfy beds, and make sure that at least a few of them have sunbeam exposure. Chances are, your furball will make sunbathing part of her morning routine. Your pet may also appreciate a pet tent or thermal blanket.


Cats are pretty good about grooming themselves, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use some help. Brushing your feline buddy regularly will benefit her in several ways. For one thing, it will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This will keep her warm and comfortable. She’ll also swallow less hair when cleaning herself, which in turn translates to less hairballs.


Make sure your kitty’s powder room isn’t in a chilly place. No one likes a cold bathroom!


We can’t overstate how much safer Fluffy will be if she stays indoors. Kitties may enjoy exploring, but they face a lot of dangers in the Great Outdoors. Cars, chemicals, and wild animals are threats all year long. In winter, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures add to the dangers. Cats can easily get trapped in a storm. There’s also an increased risk of your pet getting lost, since snow masks landmarks and scents that help pets find their way home. If you do let your feline friend out, make sure she has an emergency shelter, just in case she gets stuck outside.


The sun goes down quite early at this time of year. If Fluffy stays home alone while you go out to earn money for pet food and catnip, turn a light on before you leave. That way, your furry buddy isn’t left by herself in a dark, quiet house.


Be very careful with anything that puts off heat or flames. Make sure Fluffy can’t accidentally singe herself!

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your Cherry Hill, NJ veterinary clinic, today!

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