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Choosing Dog Toys

March 15 2021

Does your pooch sometimes run up to you holding his favorite plaything? Fido’s frisky streak is certainly adorable. Toys are actually more important to dogs’ health and well-being than many people think. Keeping your canine pal entertained and active will go a long way towards stopping misbehavior and keeping that cute tail going. A Cherry Hill, NJ vet discusses choosing dog toys below.


Chew toys are a must, especially for younger dogs. Look for toys that you can stuff with treats, such as the Kong. Just keep in mind that some chews, such as rawhide or pigs’ ears, can break into pieces which are dangerous if ingested. Ask your vet for more information on using these.


Many dogs like to use stuffed animals as comfort dogs. This is more or less Fido’s version of a teddy bear. The main danger here are small pieces, such as plastic eyes, which can be choking hazards.

Rope Toys

Tug O War is one of Fido’s favorite games. Most of the rope toys you can find in a store are fine. However, these are not always a good option for aggressive dogs, as they can get a bit too involved in the game. Strong chewers can also ingest rope fibers, which is very dangerous. Supervise your pooch when he uses these.


Some pups absolutely love squeaky toys! That high-pitched sound likely reminds Fido of the small critters his ancestors would hunt in the wild. Opt for durable ones, or choose ones without stuffing, which can be choking hazards.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great, as they can keep your canine buddy occupied for hours. They also offer him beneficial mental stimulation. This is a perfect option for pups that stay home alone while their humans go off to work to earn money for dog food, treats, and, of course, more toys. 


It’s not uncommon for dogs to destroy their new toys, sometimes within just hours or even minutes. Checking reviews can help you sort out which playthings are more likely to withstand your dog’s jaws. (Tip: Kong toys tend to go the distance.) Choose toys that are the right size. Fido could hurt himself on playthings made for larger or smaller pups! Discreetly toss and replace damaged toys.

As your local Cherry Hill, NJ veterinary clinic, we are here to help! Feel free to call us anytime!

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