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Signs That Your Bird Is Healthy

November 1 2021

Have you recently adopted a bird? Congratulations! Polly is a very cute and fun little pet. It’s probably safe to say that your winged buddy will soon have a very special place in both your heart and your home. Of course, if you’ve never had a bird before, you may have quite a bit of learning to do. One thing that is very important is being able to tell if your adorable little pet is sick. Read on as a local Haddon Township & Cherry Hill, NJ vet lists some signs of a healthy bird.

Clear Eyes

Polly’s eyes should be clear and bright. You shouldn’t see redness, watering, or discharge, and they shouldn’t look swollen or sunken.


You’ll need to look under Polly’s feathers to see her skin, so be careful. It shouldn’t be red or inflamed, and you should not see lesions, discoloration, or any kind of scabbing or flaking.


Polly’s feathers are her prettiest feature. No matter what color or colors your winged friend is, her feathers should look soft, clean, shiny, and healthy. Broken, discolored, matted, missing, or dirty feathers are all signs that something is wrong.


Healthy pets have healthy appetites! Your feathered buddy should eat and drink pretty much the same amounts daily. Increases and decreases in appetite can both be warning signs. Polly should also be at a good body weight.


Your colorful buddy should breathe smoothly and quietly … at least when she isn’t belting out her favorite song or chirping for attention.

Normal Droppings

Pay attention to your cute pet’s droppings as you clean her cage. Any changes in the amount, color, odor, or consistency of Polly’s waste can be a cause for alarm.


Polly’s behavior and body language can also be very telling. Your feathered friend should be curious, alert, and responsive. A bird that seems listless, lethargic, stiff, or sore may be sick. Birds that are sick may also vocalize in odd ways, sit in strange positions, huddle at the bottom of their cages, or generally act disoriented.

Thumbs Up

Of course, your vet is going to be the ultimate authority on your winged friend’s health and condition. Be sure to bring Polly in regularly for exams. If you notice anything unusual, make an appointment immediately! 

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your local Haddon Township & Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, today!

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