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Fall With Fido

September 1 2022

Summer is winding down fast, and we’re already seeing signs of fall. This can be a fun time of year for our canine companions! Fido gets to run and play outside without overheating. However, you will want to make a few adjustments to your pup’s care regimen as the weather cools. Here, a Cherry Hill, NJ vet lists some things to keep in mind as the seasons change.

Know The Seasonal Hazards

Every season presents its own set of unique dangers, and fall is no different. Chemicals are one concern. People often fill their cars with antifreeze in autumn. It’s very toxic, but, unfortunately, many brands have a taste that is very appealing to pets. Get a pet-friendly brand, and put sand or cat litter on puddles. Lawn/garden chemicals are also often applied in autumn. Pets can easily ingest these chemicals by licking their fur after walking through a recently-treated patch.


It’s going to start getting dark earlier soon. Keep this in mind! You may want to get Fido a reflective harness and/or leash. 


Now is the time to stock up on Fido’s winter products, such as paw balm and pet-friendly ice melting products. You’ll also want to make sure your canine buddy has a comfy bed to snuggle up in on chilly nights. If your pooch has thin fur, get him a sweater or jacket.


Pumpkin-flavored everything is all the rage at this time of year. Why not let your four-legged friend get in on the fun? Mix a cup of pureed pumpkin with natural peanut butter, an egg, some whole-wheat flour, a pinch each of salt and cinnamon. Mix into a batter and then use cute cookie cutters to divide into small portions. Cook at 375 for 15 minutes: add more time if needed. 


Keep your canine pal in mind as you decorate for the season. Anything small or sharp is a potential hazard. Many autumn flowers are also unsafe. This includes things like chrysanthemums and autumn crocuses. Ask your vet for more information.


Candles add that special welcoming glow to any home. Just keep them out of paws’ reach. If you use a fireplace or firepit, use grates or small gates to make sure Fido can’t get too close.

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