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Curbing Fido’s Begging Habit

November 1 2022

Does your canine buddy wake from a dead sleep when you open a cheese wrapper? If you drop a piece of food, does Fido come running out of nowhere to intercept it before it hits the ground? Dogs are definitely very enthusiastic about food, and who can blame them? We like snacks, too! Just don’t let your pet’s theatrics get out of hand. Begging is bad petiquette. It can also become dangerous! A Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some advice on this below.

Don’t Indulge It

First things first. The simplest way to keep Fido from begging is to not indulge it. Don’t fall for that sad stare! 

Start Young

If Fido is still a puppy, you have the advantage. It’s much easier to teach your furry friend that begging is bad petiquette now than to try and correct bad habits later.

Be Consistent

This one is always crucial when it comes to training Fido. If your four-legged friend thinks there’s even a chance that his sad-starving-doggy act will be successful, he’s probably going to give it a shot. If you resist most of the time but occasionally give in, you’re still encouraging him.

House Rules

Make sure everyone in your household is on the same page. It won’t help much for you to hold your ground and not give in if your kids are secretly giving Fido meatballs!

Tricks For Treats

Make Fido work for his snacks. This is a great way to reinforce his training. Plus, many pups strive to please their humans. Getting treats as rewards can actually help your furry buddy feel confident and happy.


If you absolutely can’t resist your canine pal’s soulful stare, at least offer him something healthy. Give Fido a carrot or a green bean instead of that piece of sausage he’s angling for.


Sometimes you may just need to remind yourself that begging can lead to serious issues. Obesity is one of the big ones. Even a few extra pounds can seriously impact your furry pal’s health! There’s also a chance that Fido could convince someone to feed him something that isn’t safe, such as meat on the bone. That could lead to tragic consequences. Finally, some dogs get pushier and pushier, and can eventually become aggressive. 

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