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Keeping Fido Safe At The Park

June 15 2023

With summer almost upon us, many of our canine pals really enjoy spending time outside. This is a great time of year to bring your pooch to the park! However, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind here. In this article, a local Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some advice on keeping your four-legged friend safe as he’s playing with his buddies.

Preventative Care

Make sure that your furry companion is up to date on things like vaccines and parasite control. If Fido is still a puppy, you may need to hold off for a while. It won’t be safe to take him around strange dogs until he’s had all of his boosters. Ask your vet for advice on this.


Unfortunately, not all dogs play nice. There’s always a chance of running into a reactive or aggressive pooch. Watch the dogs in the park before you let your furry buddy go off-leash, and make sure they are well-behaved. If any of the pups are bullying others, you may want to take Fido for a walk, and come back a little later. If possible, find a park with separate areas for large and small dogs.


Fido can get really hot playing with his friends! Always bring water along for your canine buddy. This is important even if you’re going to a park with a fountain: you never know when it could be out of order. (Note: it’s not a bad idea to just keep a gallon or two in your car.)


A park can be a good place to work on your furry best friend’s etiquette. After all, Fido needs to obey you anywhere and everywhere. That said, you will need to be careful with treats. If the other dogs notice that you have goodies, you may find yourself surrounded!

Don’t Force It

It’s important to remember that not all dogs enjoy going to parks. If Fido seems fearful or timid, it may not be the right choice for him. Don’t force it!


When we get into the hottest part of the year, you may need to adjust your canine friend’s schedule. Time those excursions for mornings and evenings, when it’s cooler out.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ pet hospital, anytime!

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