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Taking Small Animals To The Vet

November 1 2023

Do you have a smaller pet, such as a bunny, Guinea pig, or even a bird? Just like dogs and cats, these little guys need proper care to thrive. That includes veterinary care! A local Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some advice on bringing a smaller animal to the vet in this article.

Get A Carrier

While many small habitats are easy to carry, it’s best to have a dedicated carrier. For a very small critter, like a hamster or gerbil, you can use a small storage tote with air holes cut into it. A Guinea pig or bunny can go into a carrier made for a cat or small dog. For a bird, you may find that a small birdcage works well.

Make The Carrier Fun And Comfortable

Going into carriers can be very scary for small animals. Take time between appointments to get your little buddy used to their carrier. Carry them around the house, give them toys and treats in it, and just let them get accustomed to it.

Traveling Accessories

Your little buddy will be more comfortable with a few of their own things. These should be items that smell familiar, such as a towel, small blanket, or toy. Don’t bring anything heavy, or anything that could potentially roll over onto your pet during transport.

Make It Fun

One thing that can make the trip quite a bit easier on your buddy? Offering them some snacks or a chew toy to keep them occupied. This shouldn’t be anything too rich: you don’t want your tiny passenger getting carsick.

Comfortable Drive

Make sure the carrier is strapped into place. You can use a seatbelt or secure it behind the driver or passenger seats. The vehicle should be at a comfortable temperature. For some animals, particularly reptiles, you may need to bring a heating element. One option is to fill a sock with rice and microwave it, then secure it to the outside of the habitat. Hot water bottles or heat packs also work well.

Ask Questions

We may not get as many smaller pets as we do dogs and cats, but we’re still happy to see them. All animals deserve to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and advice while you’re here!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, we are always happy to help!

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