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Dogs and Plastic Waste

April 15 2024

April 22nd is the date for Earth Day 2024. This year, the focus is on addressing the issue of plastic usage. Earthday.org has set a goal to decrease overall plastic usage by 60 percent. Your furry pal can definitely lend a helping paw with this! A local Haddon Township, NJ vet offers tips on how to celebrate Earth Day with your furry friend in this informative article.

What Are Some Ways To Make My Dog’s Care Routine More Environmentally Friendly?

Giving Fido a more environmentally friendly pawprint doesn’t require a total revamp of his care routine. Small details can make a significant impact in this particular area. 

Here are some suggestions:

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Methods: Our canine buddies are amazing pets and companions, but they are somewhat messy roommates. Incorporating earth-friendly practices into your doggy cleanup methods is quite simple. If your canine companion enjoys creating nose print art on your windows, you can use a vinegar cleaner to remove Fido’s masterpieces. Another thing you can do is use washable rags or cloths instead of paper. 

Purchase Pet Supplies In Large Quantities: Acquiring your pet’s food in bulk can help minimize packaging waste. However, there is definitely a sweet spot here. If you get too much, it could spoil before your furry friend has the opportunity to enjoy it.

Always Pick Up After Your Dog: Dog feces are a major source of water contamination. If you need a new leash, consider getting one with a built-in baggie slot. You can also go with biodegradable baggies. This is also just the responsible thing to do. 

Dinnerware Pupgrade: Do you use plastic bowls and dishes for Fido? Consider swapping them out for ceramic, bamboo, or stainless steel options. This includes Fido’s cookie jar!

Fix Your Furry Friend: We always recommend getting your dog spayed or neutered. There are countless stray and homeless pets in need of loving homes. Making sure your furry buddy isn’t adding to the problem is not just the right thing to do in terms of overall animal welfare; it will also aid in resource conservation.

Choose Different Storage Options: A lot of individuals use plastic waste baskets or totes to store their kibble. Consider choosing a stainless steel container instead. You can find them at various farm supply stores for grain storage. A large ceramic plant pot, with the base used as the lid, may also work. 

Get Fido Some Environmentally-Friendly Toys: Many of Fido’s toys are made with plastic and rubber. When shopping, read the label and check the country of origin. Some products from overseas have been discovered to contain harmful substances, including BPAs and even lead. Choose products made from sustainable materials.

Stay On Top Of Your Pup’s Preventative Care: Giving your pet’s flea medicine on time may not seem like a big deal for the environment, but it definitely matters. Protecting your pet from parasites and diseases is not only easier but also more cost-effective than treating them. Treating avoidable medical problems also means that we will need more resources, including plastic ones.  It’s important to ensure that your furry friend receives regular veterinary check-ups. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for your canine companion!

Are Things Made Of Plastic Unsafe For Pets?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. Plastics pose minimal risks in the short term and are generally not included in the list of household hazards we suggest pet owners be careful of. Actually, a lot of dog products and toys are made from or contain plastic. That includes items such as toys, dishes, leash casings, and crates.

However, plastics are not completely harmless either. There has been a noticeable increase in awareness and concern regarding microplastics. These tiny pieces of plastic are exactly what their name implies: bits of plastic that are very, very tiny and have leached into the environment. They can now be found in, well, nearly anything, including water and seafood. Recent data suggests that as much as 90% of our tap water now contains microplastics. Contamination was discovered even in rainwater in France.

Chemicals and microplastics have comparable effects on both pets and people. Further research is required, but studies have found associations between them and a range of medical conditions, including cancer and digestive problems. 

That isn’t the only issue. Softer plastics can also pose a choking risk, as do things like plastic bags and ties.

What Do I Do If I Think My Dog Ate Plastic?

We truly cannot write a blog about dogs and plastic Without tackling this one. Some of our furry friends are very enthusiastic chewers, happily gnawing on anything within their reach, even plastic objects. Fido has a habit of devouring the squeakers inside his chew toys.

Usually, dogs can easily pass tiny pieces of plastic without any issues. However, in some instances, these items can create blockages. These can pose significant risks and potentially be life-threatening. If you believe your dog has ingested plastic, contact your Haddon Township, NJ veterinarian immediately.

What Are Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With My Dog?

If the weather is good, now would be a great opportunity to bring your furry friend to a park or trail. Getting some sunlight, fresh air, and exercise will benefit both of you!

You might also work on a few simple and short household projects. If you’re into gardening, it might be worth exploring eco-friendly methods to attract helpful insects and repel unwanted ones. 

Choosing eco-friendly methods is also safer for your dog. Pet poisonings often lead to emergency visits. It’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that lawn and garden chemicals can pose to your beloved pet. Slug baits, for instance, can be extremely harmful to dogs. (Tip: use oats instead; the slugs will eat the oats and die.)

Finally, even sharing information can make a difference. Now would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some adorable photos of your beloved furry companion. Spread the word about this blog by sharing it on social media. Don’t forget to include the right hashtags for Earth Day: #Earth Day and EarthDay. Also, consider using #GoGreen, #SaveThePlanet, and #EcoFriendly.

What Are Some Possible Uses For My Dog’s Fur?

Do you find that brushing Fido generates enough fur to create an entirely new pooch? You could throw it away, but there are more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of it. You can have it shipped off to be made into felt or yarn and sent back to you.  Are you a fan of gardening? Hang a pair of cut pantyhose filled with Fido’s fur from your garden beds to keep rabbits and other critters away.  Another fantastic choice? Submit it to a company that specializes in utilizing it for oil spill cleanup. 

Or, you can just allow it to be carried away by the wind. Birds frequently utilize it as a nesting material.

Make An Appointment At Your Haddon Township, NJ Pet Hospital

Are you seeking answers or advice regarding your dog’s health or care? Is it time for Fido’s routine check-up? Feel free to reach out to us, your nearby Haddon Township, NJ pet hospital, at any time! We’re here to help! 

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