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Heroic Kitties

January 15 2015

It isn’t uncommon to hear of a dog displaying amazing loyalty and bravery to help a human friend in distress. We don’t hear of heroic cats as often, but there are definitely some amazing kitties out there! Our feline friends may be small, but they are very brave. Below, your veterinarian Collingswood discusses some exceptional felines.


Tara’s feat of bravery was so astonishing it made this valiant kitty a media star. Tara’s human buddy, four-year-old Jeremy, was playing in his driveway when a stray dog bit him. Little Tara showed no hesitation and fearlessly chased the dog away. The entire incident was caught on camera, and the video went viral immediately.


Pudding was rescued from an animal shelter, and repaid her savior on the very same day she was adopted! When Pudding’s new owner suffered a diabetic seizure while sleeping, Pudding jumped on her and tried to wake her. When that didn’t work, Pudding ran into the owner’s son’s room and woke him. This loving kitty’s loyalty and determination saved her human mommy’s life!


Leo definitely deserves a spot in the ranks of courageous kitties. This protective furball was awakened one night by burglars who broke into Leo’s home while his owner was sleeping. Leo hissed, growled, and screamed at the crooks, who decided to flee rather than face an angry cat. The noise woke Leo’s owner, who promptly called the police.


Scarlett’s story was so extraordinary it inspired a children’s book. Poor Scarlett was living in a derelict home, and had recently given birth to a litter of kittens. When the house caught fire, Scarlett risked her life again and again to bring her babies to safety, one by one. After the last kitten was safe, Scarlett, who was badly burned, collapsed. She was later adopted into a great home.


Sammy is another extra special kitty. Sammy stepped in to help out his friend Izzy, who was attacked by a vicious dog. What makes this story truly extraordinary is the fact that Izzy was also a dog! Sammy hissed and puffed up his fur to distract the attacking canine, then escaped to safety up a tree. He is credited with saving Izzy’s life!

Has your kitty ever shown amazing bravery? Tell us about it! As your vet Collingswood, we always welcome fascinating ‘tails’ from our clients!

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