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Five Common Reasons for Fur Loss in Hamsters

February 1 2015

Have you noticed fur loss in your pet hamster? If your little furball has some bald spots, you’ll want to figure out what’s going on with him. In this article, your local vet Cherry Hill goes over a few common reasons for alopecia, or hair loss, in hamsters.


Does your pet spend a lot of time rubbing against his cage or toys? Is your little furball obsessed with burrowing? Excessive friction can cause Hammie to lose fur.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Another common reason for hamsters to lose fur is nutritional deficiencies. If Hammie’s diet is low in B Vitamins, this could the reason be behind his fur loss. Lack of protein can also sometimes cause issues with hamsters’ fur. If this is the case, your vet may recommend supplementing Hammie’s food with specific items, such as unsweetened cereal, cheese, cooked eggs, whole-wheat pasta, and fresh fruits and veggies. Water-soluble vitamins made for pocket pets may also be beneficial, but don’t give them to your little furball unless your vet specifically recommends it.


Ticks, fleas, ringworm, and mites can all cause your little pet to lose fur. Hamsters with ectoparasites may itch and scratch themselves excessively, which can cause some of that soft fur to fall out. If you suspect your little pet has parasites, contact your vet immediately for assistance.


Hamsters shed, or moult regularly. Spring and fall tend to be the peak times for this process. It is normal to see periods of thin fur at this time. Syrian and Russian hamsters tend to shed more than the Chinese and Roborovski types do.

Other Causes

There are several medical reasons your hamster could lose fur. T-cell lymphoma and kidney inflammations are two possible causes. Hormonal imbalances can also cause your little furball to lose some hair. Hamsters also sometimes lose their fur due to old age.

If your hamster is losing fur, contact your vet to schedule an appointment. If there is a medical issue behind Hammie’s bald spots, a quick diagnosis and treatment will increase the odds of a good outcome.
you have any questions about caring for a pocket pet? Please contact us at any time. As your local vet clinic Cherry Hill, we are happy to help with all of your pet care needs.

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