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Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

February 15 2015

Your canine buddy is an important part of your life, a furry friend who stands beside you in good times and bad. Providing your canine buddy with good food, lots of exercise and playtime, a comfy bed, and regular grooming will cover his basic needs. There are a few areas where your dog may need some extra attention, however, such as ear care. Making sure Fido’s ears are healthy is very important to his overall health, though it needn’t be very time consuming. In this article, your Collingswood vet goes over basic ear care for dogs.

Common Ear Problems

Several different types of ear issues can affect our canine friends. Allergies are a common cause of ear trouble. Hormonal imbalances, bacterial or yeast infections, foreign objects, and parasites can all give poor Fido trouble with his ears. Dogs with floppy ears, such as Beagles, tend to be more prone to developing ear infections, as their ear shape creates a moist environment with lots of nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in. Too much moisture can also cause issues. If your dog likes swimming, for instance, he may be more likely to have ear trouble. Debris and trauma can also lead to ear problems in our canine friends.

Symptoms of Ear Trouble

There are quite a few symptoms of ear trouble in dogs. Fido might scratch or paw at his ears if they are bothering him, or he may shake or tilt his head more than usual. Redness, swelling, and hair loss can all indicate ear trouble in our canine friends. Discharge that is yellow, green, or bloody can also be symptomatic of ear problems. Sometimes ear infections will cause your furry pal’s ears to smell bad. Severe infections can cause him to lose his balance, or even walk in circles.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Some dogs need their ears cleaned regularly, while others need only occasional cleaning. If you do need to clean Fido’s ears, use a cotton ball or soft cloth. You can use hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, or an ear cleaning solution made for dogs. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques, and to provide specific recommendations on caring for your pup’s ears.

Do you know or suspect that your canine buddy has ear problems? Please contact us, your local Collingswood vet clinic, any time.

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