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5 Tips for Fighting Fleas

May 1 2015

Is your furry friend scratching? If so, your pet may have fleas. These annoying parasites are more than just a nuisance. They can carry several diseases, and transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms. Flea prevention is a standard part of good pet care. In this article, your Cherry Hill veterinarian offers some great tips for battling these unwanted critters.


The vacuum cleaner just may be your best friend when it comes to flea control. Regular vacuuming will catch adult fleas, and will also remove eggs and larvae from your carpet. If you have carpets and a furbaby, you may want to consider investing in a steam cleaner. Be sure to empty the bag or canister into a plastic bag immediately after finishing, and take the bag outside right away. Otherwise, eggs could hatch inside the vacuum. Yuck! If you take your pet on frequent car rides, you’ll want to be sure to vacuum the car thoroughly as well.

Flea Control Products

There are many effective flea control products available today. Topical drops are very easy and work well to keep your beloved pet flea-free. Collars, sprays, and shampoos can also be effective if used correctly. Make sure to always follow the package instructions to the letter. Don’t double up on flea products, either: this can expose your pet to unsafe levels of medication.


Your yard can become a haven for unwanted guests. Keep your property clear of debris, as dead leaves and branches are very inviting habitats for these unwelcome parasites. Sunlight will dry out flea eggs, so keep overgrowth trimmed back.

Green Methods

If you prefer all natural products for your home and pet, there are some non-toxic methods of battling fleas you can try if your vet gives you the green light. Lavender, diatomaceous earth, beneficial nematodes, and electric flea traps can all be effective. Essential oil may help, but never apply it to your pet, especially cats.


Be sure to wash your pet’s bedding frequently. Use hot water, and the hottest dryer cycle to ensure you kill all the little buggers. You’ll also want to be sure not to leave laundry lying on the floor, as piles of clothing make perfect flea havens.

Does your beloved pet need veterinary care? Please contact us, your local Cherry Hill veterinary clinic, for all of your pet’s health care needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care!

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