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Cat Naps

May 15 2015

Do you have a feline friend? If so, there’s a good chance that your furball is asleep as you’re reading this. Kitties are known for being a bit enigmatic and quirky, and these little furballs definitely like to keep us guessing. One thing cats are renowned for is their remarkable sleeping ability. Fluffy may spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping! In this article, a Cherry Hill veterinarian discusses cat naps.

Kitty Sleep Cycles

With the exception of a few species of bats and possums, and possibly some human teenagers, our feline friends can outsleep pretty much every other animal on the planet. No one is entirely sure why Fluffy needs so much shuteye. Scientists speculate that it may be because cats use so much energy when hunting. However, other predators get by just fine on more normal amounts of sleep. Also, the only thing most housecats have to hunt is their dinner bowl, and perhaps a catnip mouse.

Interesting Facts

When Fluffy is napping, most of the time she isn’t fully asleep. Try saying your cat’s name while she’s napping. Chances are, you’ll see that cute little ear of hers move slightly. Kitties do continue to process information during their naps. They also are often polite enough to adjust their sleep patterns to match those of their human servants. People who work night shifts may find their furry pals becoming more and more nocturnal, for instance, while the kitties of people who work day shifts will sleep more at night.


As previously mentioned, cats can be a bit quirky. The fact that they can fall asleep in formations that even yoga experts may be hard pressed to replicate would very likely qualify as one of their quirks. Kitties have very flexible spines, which allows them to move stealthily and gracefully, and keep their balance. We’re not sure if this -or anything- can fully explain some of Fluffy’s sleeping positions, but it’s the best answer we have.


Research shows that our feline friends do dream. As to what Fluffy is dreaming about, one can only guess. Giant boxes? Elusive mice? We may never know. One thing we do know, however, is that a purring cat can make a wonderful sleep aid!

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