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Car Safety Tips for Dogs

June 1 2015

Do you like to take your pooch with you when you go out and about? Man’s Best Friend often enjoys going for rides with his human pals. While it’s great to take your canine buddy with you, there are some important safety tips you’ll want to keep in mind. In this article, a Cherry Hill veterinarian discusses car safety for dogs.

Crate Training

Keeping your canine pal in crated for travel is much safer for both of you! Look for a sturdy crate that has been crash-tested. Aluminum and reinforced plastic are good options, as these are very durable materials.


Doggy seat belts are marketed as a great way to keep your canine friend safe on car rides, but they may not all pass muster. Some could even be dangerous! Just do thorough research before buying these products, as some seat belts work better than others do.

Power Windows

Power windows can be very dangerous for your furry pal. If Fido is putting his head out the window, he could very easily step on the controller and choke himself. He could also roll the window down, which would make it very easy for him to jump out. Turn this feature off if possible.


Did you know that dogs get carsick too? If your pooch suffers from carsickness, make sure to keep windows down enough to allow a steady flow of fresh air. Also, don’t take Fido on car rides just after he’s eaten. Sometimes, taking your pooch for short but frequent rides to desensitize him will help him get over his carsickness, though it isn’t guaranteed. Ask your vet for recommendations on how to handle doggy nausea.

The Window

We know, Fido absolutely loves sticking his head out the car window. It’s cute, but it can be very dangerous! When your canine pal is ‘drinking the wind’, his face and eyes are exposed to dust, insects, and cigarette butts from other cars.

Hot Cars

Never, ever leave your pooch locked in a car in hot weather. Car temperatures can rise to deadly levels in just minutes. Leaving a small crack in the window won’t necessarily keep your furry friend cool enough. Keep your canine buddy at home on hot days.

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