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How to Litterbox Train a Bunny

September 15 2015

Do you have a bunny? These adorable furballs have been charming us for centuries with their adorable faces, and make wonderful pets. As you may have noticed, bunnies do require quite a bit of care! One thing that may make Floppy’s care regimen easier for you is litterbox training. Below, a Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian discusses how to potty-train a bunny.


Your bunny will need a fairly large litterbox. You can buy a medium or large kitty box, or get a cement-mixing tray from a hardware store. If you have two bunnies, get something that is large enough to fit both of them at once. You’ll want to add about an inch of a bunny-safe litter, such as corncob. Avoid pine or cedar litters, as well as clay or clumping litters, as these are dangerous for rabbits. Sprinkle fresh hay on top of the litter. We also recommend putting some of Floppy’s waste in the litterbox to help her get the point. Bunnies like to nibble hay while they do their business, so you may also find it helpful to put a hayrack in Floppy’s cage. Position it so she has to hop into the litterbox to reach it.


You’ll want to keep Floppy confined to a small area when she is being trained. A bathroom or playpen is fine. Watch your furry friend very carefully during this stage. As soon as she defecates, or looks like she is about to, put her in her litterbox, and then give her lots of praise and compliments. Repeat as necessary, until your furball starts going to the litterbox on her own. During this stage, it may help for you to pick your bunny up every 10-15 minutes and put her in the box. Every time she defecates in the box, give her treats and praise. You may find it helpful to have multiple litter boxes set up at first. You can remove the extras down the road.


Never reprimand your bunny for having an accident. Rabbits don’t understand punishment, so you may just scare your furry friend, or make her angry. Instead, offer your furball treats, toys, and praise when she uses her litterbox. Remember, time and patience are key!

Please contact us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, for all of your bunny’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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