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6 Ways to Pamper a Senior Cat

October 15 2015

Is your kitty getting up there in years? Fluffy will most likely age fairly gracefully, but her needs will change as she enters her golden years. A good diet, clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care are of course all very important, but your senior kitty will also benefit from some extra TLC. A Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some tips on ways to pamper a senior cat in this article.


As Fluffy ages, she may find it hard to keep up with her daily beauty rituals. All those aches and pains make it hard for her to reach certain areas! Help your feline friend out by gently brushing her a few times a week.


Kitties don’t usually have too much trouble finding comfy napping spots, but Fluffy may have difficulty jumping up to her favorite sleeping areas as she ages. Consider getting pet stairs or ramps to help her out. You can also arrange furniture so that she can use an ottoman or footstool as a step. If you see your furball about to jump onto or off something, help her out by giving her a gentle lift.

Senior Accommodations

A litterbox with low walls may be easier for your feline friend to get in and out of. If your home has more than one floor, put extra litterboxes on each story. That way, Fluffy won’t have to use the stairs as much.

Clear Vision

Just like people, kitties sometimes experience vision loss as they age. To help your furry friend out, keep a nightlight on for her after dark. If Fluffy has severe vision trouble, try to keep the floor clear of objects that could trip her.


Take time to play with your senior kitty every day. The activity will be very beneficial for Fluffy physically, and will help keep her healthy. Playing will also provide your cat with mental stimulation, which can help keep her mind sharp as she ages.


Of course, the best way to pamper an aging kitty is to make sure she feels loved and safe. Indulge Fluffy’s request for cuddles and attention, and spend quality time with her. That extra TLC will go a long way towards keeping your beloved furry friend happy!

Do you have questions about caring for a senior cat? Call us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, today!

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