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Hamsters and Cold

November 15 2015

Do you have a pet hamster? These little furballs are super cute, and can make great pets. Hamsters are very easy to care for, which is one reason they are such popular pets for children. A good diet, fresh water and a clean, comfy habitat with plenty of toys will see to your pet’s basic needs, although good pet parenting doesn’t stop there. One thing that it is very important for hamster owners to understand is that hamsters just aren’t suited to dealing with cold temperatures. Hammie can get very sick if he gets too cold! A Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian discusses hamsters and cold in this article.

Keeping Hammie Warm

Hammie should be kept in a room that is always between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The little guy needs good ventilation, but he shouldn’t be in an area that is too drafty. You’ll want to monitor temperatures in Hammie’s room: if they fall below 65, you may need to add a heating pad to his cage, or use a space heater to warm the room. Make sure that your tiny furball has plenty of bedding to dig into and snuggle up in if he gets chilly. Your hamster should also have a cozy hidey-hole.

Dangers of Cold

Why is cold so dangerous for hamsters? Cold temperatures can trigger hibernation in Syrian hamsters. Pet hamsters don’t know how to hibernate properly, and are in extreme danger of dying from dehydration. Dwarf hamsters don’t hibernate, but they can still get very sick. Even being cold for just a few hours can have serious consequences!

Warning Signs

If Hammie is too cold, he may shiver, or refuse to eat or drink. His little feet, ears, and nose may be cold, and he could become lethargic or have trouble breathing. If your hamster has gone into hibernation, he may appear deceased. The main way you will be able to tell the difference is that hibernating hamsters are limp instead of stiff.

What To Do If Your Hamster Is Cold

Contact your vet immediately if you know or suspect that your tiny furball is suffering from cold. Your vet will be able to advise you on what to do next.

Do you have any questions about hamster care? Call us today! As your local Cherry Hill, NJ animal hospital, we are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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