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Cold Weather Care Tips for Dogs

December 1 2015

Winter may be pretty, but it definitely has some downsides: all that snow, ice, and cold can definitely get old fast! Your dog may have a fur coat on, but he still needs some extra TLC to keep him healthy and comfortable when it’s cold outside. A Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian offers some cold weather care tips for Fido in this article.


Your dog will burn more calories in winter trying to stay warm than he would in summer. If Fido spends a lot of time outdoors, is a working dog, a senior, or a nursing mama, you may need to increase your pet’s portions during the cold season. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Who doesn’t love having a warm, cozy bed to snuggle into when it’s snowing and blowing outside? Keep your canine pal comfy by getting him a good doggy bed, and adding soft blankets.

Senior Care

Is your canine pal in his golden years? Many older dogs suffer from bone or joint ailments, such as arthritis. These painful conditions can really make Fido stiff and sore in cold weather. Ask your vet about using a heating pad or supplements at home. To pamper your pooch, indulge him with a soothing massage now and then.


Man’s Best Friend tends to spend a good chunk of winter on the couch or in his doggy bed. Staying active is very important to Fido’s health! Keep your furry pal active with indoor exercises like games of fetch.


Keep your canine friend indoors as much as possible when it’s cold outside. If Fido does spend time in the yard, make sure he has a suitable shelter to protect him from the elements.


Dogs with thin fur may need sweaters to keep them warm in winter. When shopping for your pooch, avoid anything with small pieces or dangling threads he could try to eat: these can be serious choking hazards. You also want to avoid putting Fido in anything that restricts his movements.

Paw Care

Walking on snow, ice, salt, sand, and chemical de-icing chemicals can all damage Fido’s furry feet. Use paw wax or balm to protect your pet’s paws, and wipe his paws down daily. Don’t forget to trim those nails!

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