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Tips for Choosing Doggy Treats

February 15 2017

Did you know that February 23rd is officially International Dog Biscuit Day? Tails will be wagging all over the world on this special occasion! After all, there are few things our canine buddies love more than yummy snacks. Below, a Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers advice on choosing treats for Fido.

Benefits of Treats

Doggy treats are actually very beneficial. They make great training aids, as they can provide Fido with an immediate reward for doing something correctly. They also help us gain dogs’ trust, and can definitely keep those cute tails wagging. Plus, it is rather adorable to see how happy our furry friends get at the thought of a tasty tidbit!


Man’s Best Friend has had a long time to get to know us. Fido seems to instinctively know exactly what expression will tug at our heartstrings and win him something yummy. However, at the end of the day, begging is really just bad doggy manners. It’s also one of the biggest reasons so many of our canine patients are overweight! If you can’t resist that furry face, give Fido a healthy treat, like a carrot, instead of that meatball he’s hoping for.

Healthy Treats

While some people foods are safe for dogs, others can make our canine friends very sick. Fido can have plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the bones, skin, or fat. Your pup can also have certain fruits and veggies, such as carrots; bananas; blueberries; cooked pumpkin, squash, or sweet potatoes; and green beans. A little egg or cheese on occasion is fine as well. Want to make your four-legged pal some homemade treats? Go for it! Just be sure to choose recipes that use only safe, healthy ingredients.

Unsafe Foods

Some of our favorite foods are toxic to our canine pals. Never give your pet garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; chocolate; caffeine; raw meat, dough, or yeast; grapes, currants, or raisins; nuts; avocados; alcohol; or anything that contains xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Store-Bought Goodies

There are dozens—if not hundreds—of different doggy treats available. Always read the labels when shopping for Fido. Choose products that list meat as the first and most numerous ingredient. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, anytime.

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