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Employment Opportunities! Receptionist and Technician-Part Time

February 28 2017

Receptionist – Part Time
​A front desk receptionist is the client’s first contact when calling or visiting the practice and as such represents the professional image of the practice to callers and visitors. ​You will be answering ​telephones, greeting clients​, ​preparing patient files, ​relaying client correspondence and ​checking out​ clients. You will have great communication skills and have the ability to foster client bonding.​ 

Technician – Part Time
​As a Vet Technician, you will be using all of the basic skills of a technician, such as blood draws, IV catheters, anesthesia monitoring, routine dental cleanings, administering medication, but also building strong client relationships. ​ Surgery experience is a plus. ​Our vet technicians provide compassion, care, and empathy to our clients. A license is preferred, but not required.

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