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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 1 2017

Did you know that March 3rd is officially If Pets Had Thumbs Day? What do you think your furry buddy would do with opposing thumbs? We have a pretty good idea what some of our four-legged patients would choose! Read on as a local Cherry Hill, NJ vet makes some educated guesses on things that our animal companions would do if they suddenly grew thumbs.


If one were to make a list of Fido’s favorite things, food would likely be at the top of it. Man’s Best Bud would be very interested in figuring out how to use the stove and/or microwave, and may also want to learn how to drive a car. Your canine buddy would also probably really want to figure out how to lock and unlock doors and fences, so he could come and go at will.


We have a strong suspicion that the first thing on Fluffy’s to-do list would be to lock Fido out, so she could have her human buddies all to herself. Our feline pals may also be very interested in learning how to type, so they could use computers to order themselves new beds, toys, and kitty furniture. Your cat may even start texting, so she could give you her commands more clearly, rather than simply meowing her instructions at you.

Pocket Pets

We’re pretty sure that our pint-sized buddies would waste no time learning to use a can opener or opening containers of yummy snacks. Pocket pets may also really enjoy using a phone or computer to order a pizza or a salad!


Polly is very curious and inquisitive, and loves to come out of her cage to play. It’s probably safe to say that learning to open her cage door would be at the top of your feathered buddy’s list. Some other things birds may be interested in include making toys, opening windows. Birds may also want to learn to use stereos and MP3 players, so they can play their favorite songs.

It’s worth noting that, if they had thumbs, many of our furry patients would probably use them to cancel their appointments. Although your four-legged friend may not see it that way, proper veterinary care is crucial to pets’ health and well-being! If your animal companion is due for veterinary care, contact us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ animal hospital, today!

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