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9 Things Your Dog is Thankful For

November 15 2018

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! If your canine buddy could make a list of the things he’s thankful for, what do you think would be on it? A Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers a few educated guesses in this article.


Dogs are extra adorable when they know they’re about to get a treat. Fido may even come running when he hears the crinkle of a plastic wrapper! Just be sure to only offer snacks that are safe for your pup.


Although your canine pal may prefer a strip of bacon to his regular food, Fido always gets excited when his bowl is filled. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Comfy Beds

One of the best things you can do for Fido is make sure he has a comfy bed. If you have a large dog or a senior pooch, get him an orthopedic doggy bed, which offers extra support. Smaller dogs may appreciate bolstered beds.

Car Rides

Does your canine buddy jump for joy when he hears the jangle of your car keys? Many of our furry pals love going for rides! (Note: although Fido may enjoy riding with his head out the window, he’s much safer traveling in a crate.)

Belly Rubs

We suspect there’s something a little magical about rubbing Fido’s belly. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you do it! Ear scritches and forehead rubs are also pretty high on the list of things our canine companions love.


Those daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary purposes. They also give Fido some exercise and a change of scenery. Plus, sniffing grass offers your pooch beneficial mental stimulation.


Dogs are super cute when they are feeling playful! There’s no mistaking the sheer joy Fido feels when he’s happily running after his favorite toy.

Us (Sort of)

Although visiting us probably isn’t Fido’s favorite thing to do, coming to see us is definitely in his best interests. Your pup will feel much better with proper veterinary care!


At the end of the day, your furry best friend really wants nothing more than to spend time with you. You’re the center of Fido’s world, and the apple of his eye!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please feel free to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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