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8 Ways To Keep A Senior Dog Comfy In Winter

February 1 2019

We’re well into winter now, and we have a few months to go before it starts to warm up. Your canine pal may have a fur coat on, but he’ll still feel the effects of the cold. Actually, as Fido ages, he’ll become more and more sensitive to extreme weather. Read on as a Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers tips on keeping older dogs comfortable in winter.


Did you know that brushing your dog can help keep him warm? Dead fur and dander actually interfere with the insulating properties of your canine friend’s coat. Brushing Fido regularly will not only help keeping him looking good, it will also keep him warmer.

Comfy Bed

Make sure your furry buddy has a cozy bed to snuggle up in. Orthopedic beds are great for older dogs, as they offer extra support.

Claw Trims

Overgrown nails are very uncomfortable for Fido. They also make it harder for him to gain traction on slippery ground. Keep your pup’s nails clipped!

Stable Temperatures

Limit your dog’s outdoor time on cold days. Also, try to avoid repeatedly bringing Fido from warm to cold areas or vice versa.

Doggy Jackets

While some dogs, like huskies, may really enjoy running and playing in the snow, others get cold very easily. If your pooch has a thin coat, he may need some doggy clothes to keep him warm. When shopping for Fido, take his measurements with you. Avoid anything tight, hot, itchy, or restricting, as well as anything with small parts or sharp objects.


Senior dogs often get stiff and sore in cold weather. Certain supplements may be beneficial for Fido. For instance, fish oil can help lubricate your pet’s bones and joints. This can bring relief to pups with certain medical issues, such as arthritis.

Thermal Pet Blankets

If your furry pal is a senior dog and/or has thin fur, he may like a thermal pet blanket, which will help keep him warm on those frigid nights.


Dogs make great cuddle buddies! If Fido is small enough to fit into your lap, let him curl up with you while you’re reading or watching TV. Bigger dogs also often love to snuggle, but they don’t really make great lapdogs!

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