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Hug Your Hound Day

September 1 2019

Did you know that there’s a special doggy holiday coming up? September 8th is officially Hug Your Hound Day! Our canine companions are loyal and faithful companions, who definitely deserve lots of hugs and affection. (Fido will also appreciate bacon and belly rubs.) Read on as a local Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some tips on hugging your furry best friend.

To Hug Or Not To Hug

Although we love seeing dogs get cuddled and hugged, not all of our canine pals are quite as enthusiastic about being snuggled as you may expect. Hugs don’t really mean the same thing to dogs as they do to us. People hug each other to show affection, love, and support, and/or sometimes just in greeting. When dogs ‘hug’ one another, it’s actually a sign of dominance. Of course, your furry buddy probably won’t mind if you hug him. Many pooches love to cuddle with their humans. However, you should avoid hugging strange dogs.

Dogs That Need Hugs

Not all dogs are lucky enough to have families to hug and love them. Shelters are overflowing with adorable canines that are hoping someone will adopt them. If you’re considering adopting a pooch, this would be a great time to do it. You can also help homeless dogs in other ways. Shelters and animal rescues are always in need of both financial donations and supplies. You may also want to consider volunteering or even fostering. Even sharing posts about homeless pups can help. You never know: you could transform a pet’s life with just a few keystrokes just by sharing a post about an adoptable dog on social media!

Hug Alternatives

If your pup doesn’t seem to care for being hugged, get his tail wagging by showing him affection in a different way. Toys and treats will always be popular with our canine companions. Your furry companion may enjoy a comfy new bed. Of course, Fido really only wants to hang out with his human buddies. Spend some quality time with your four-legged pal. Take him on a long walk, or indulge him with a trip to a park or pet-friendly café. As writer/photographer Roger Caras once said, dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

Please reach out to us, your Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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