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Kitten Care Tips

August 15 2019

Have you just adopted a kitten? Congratulations! We suspect it won’t take little Fluffy long to completely melt your heart, if she hasn’t already. Getting a new kitty is very exciting. In fact, we count it as a major life event! However, your tiny ball of fur will need lots of TLC in that crucial first year. A local Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some kitten care tips in this article.


Taking time to instill good manners in your feline pal now can save you a lot of hassle and frustration down the road. Don’t punish your pet for misbehaving: gently reinforcing the rules will do the trick. If Fluffy does something she shouldn’t, squirt her with water or blow in her face. This won’t hurt your kitten, but it will help get the point across. You can also reprimand your kitty vocally, by saying ‘No’ or ‘Bad Kitty’ or whatever phrase you choose. Just be consistent.

Veterinary Care

Your kitten will need to visit us a few times over the next several months. If little Fluffy hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, that’s definitely on the agenda. A full exam is also in order, as are vaccinations. You’ll also want to get your furry pal microchipped, and started out on parasite control.


Kittens grow very quickly, so proper nutrition is absolutely crucial at this stage. Get your furry friend started out on the right paw in life by offering her high-quality kitten food. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


Down the road, you’ll be able to use any litter that you and/or Fluffy prefer. However, for now, stay away from clay or clumping litters. Baby cats can be quite clumsy, and sometimes accidentally ingest litter. This can be very dangerous!


Make your home safe for little Fluffy by removing or securing anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants; chemicals; plastic bags and wrappers, and anything small or sharp. Also, keep large appliances shut when not in use.


Baby cats are very small and fragile, and usually love to be held and cuddled. Make little Fluffy feel loved by paying lots of attention to her, and letting her doze off in your arms or lap.

Please contact us, your Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, anytime. We love seeing cats go from little balls of fur to happy, healthy adults!

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