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7 Fun Facts About Ferrets

April 1 2020

Ferret Day is April 2 nd ! While these feisty little pets aren’t as popular as dogs or cats, they really are quite charming, and have some very dedicated fans. Read on as a local Cherry Hill, NJ vet lists some interesting things about ferrets.


There are a few famous ferrets out there. Fantasy fans may recall Kodo and Podo, the adorable pair from the 1980’s Beastmaster films. Jennifer Aniston had a ferret co-star in the 2004 comedy Along Came Polly. Ferrets also had ‘small’ roles in Kindergarten Cop, Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, and even The Fellowship of The Ring!


Ferrets, as you may know, are known for hoarding and stashing things. They have actually been employed by pickpockets as ‘assistants!’

Other Employment

Not all ferrets earn their keep on the wrong side of the law. They have also been used to help run wires through pipes!

All Business

There are some interesting names for groups of animals. A group of kitties is called a clowder, while a bunch of apes is called a shrewdness. When you have several ferrets together, you have a business.

Long History

Ferrets have been domesticated for much longer than you may think. In fact, Aristotle wrote about similar animals back in 350 BCE. There’s also speculation that they were kept as pets in ancient Egypt, although that hasn’t been proven.

Dancing Ferrets

Did you know that ferrets can dance? Wild ferrets move in a sort of swaying way that apparently sends some of their prey into a trance. Think of it as a cuter version of the cobra’s deadly undulations. Pet ferrets also sometimes bust a move by poofing their tails out and moving from side to side. This cute, silly move is usually a sign that a ferret is feeling playful and happy. 


In the wild, ferrets have been observed working with falcons. The ferrets often retrieve the prey, and bring it back to the falcon.

Ferret Racing Is A Thing

While we are happy to learn that dog racing is on the decline, ferret racing is much more benevolent. It’s actually a popular fundraising technique. This consists of sending ferrets through tubes. Don’t worry, though: the ferrets apparently love it!

Happy Ferret Day! Please contact us, your local Cherry Hill, NJ vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet ferret’s health or care.

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