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Fluffy’s Plans for World Domination

June 15 2021

There’s a pretty ominous kitty holiday around the corner: June 21st is Cat World Domination Day. Cats are quite small, but they do have a way of wrapping us around their paws and getting us to do their bidding. Are our feline friends secretly plotting to take over the world? What would happen if they did? A Cherry Hill, NJ  vet ponders Fluffy’s potential plans below.

Catnip Gardens

We suspect that our feline overlords would want to work on beautifying many neighborhoods… by installing catnip gardens. Fluffy may also want wheat grass lawns planted.

Real Estate Changes

One has to wonder what would happen if Fluffy was Supreme Leader. She may very well insist on making certain features standard in every house. Architects and home builders would find themselves working cat walks, window seats, catios, and built-in cat towers into their plans. Kitties may also insist on having lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.

Lap Space On Demand

If kitties could make it illegal to move while they are sleeping on your laps, they probably wouldn’t hesitate to do so. (Actually, many cats have already achieved this goal.)

Stocked Fishponds and Aviaries

Many kitties are quite avid little hunters. Others mostly enjoy batting at things. Fluffy may demand that stocked fishponds and aviaries be installed in every home or neighborhood for her viewing pleasure.

Meal Schedule

If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed that our furry pals take their meal routines very, very seriously. Fluffy may insist that her first, second, third, and fourth breakfasts be served promptly, and at the very first meow. It may also become illegal to let kitties see the bottoms of their food bowls.


As you have probably noticed, Fluffy is very, very fond of boxes. She also likes having lots of warm spots to snuggle up in. You’d likely be expected to provide at least five beds and three boxes per furball, plus some paper bags.


Fluffy may also choose to make a few things illegal. Some of the things on her list might be loud noises, sprinklers, and taking cats for car rides. Those of us in the veterinary care industry would likely transition to doing housecalls only for our feline patients.

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