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Cold Treats for Pets

July 1 2021

Summer is officially here! Many of us love cold foods and treats at this time of year. Your pet may also appreciate having something cool to snack on! A Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers a few good options below.


There are plenty of cold treats you can offer Fido. You can find doggy ice cream in stores, or make your own. You can also make your canine buddy some pupsicles by putting kibble, shredded meat, and/or small or broken treats into ice cube trays, pouring water or sodium-free broth over them, and freezing. Another option for Fido is to put something like peanut butter or mashed bananas into his Kong toy, and freeze it.


Fluffy may be finicky, but she may still enjoy a cold treat. Pour tuna and tuna juice over some shaved ice. Or, mix some canned cat food with ice in a blender. You can also freeze many squeezable kitty treats. Another option is to just slice a pate-type cat food into small pieces and freeze those. Your kitty may also enjoy a bowl of sodium-free broth. (This is safe for Fido as well.)


Here’s a fun one: get a Bundt pan, and put some fresh fruits in it. Most red, orange, and yellow veggies, such as bell peppers, mango, and pineapple, are safe for birds. Just make sure there are no seeds. Slice these into thin pieces, and line the bottom of the Bundt pan. Pour water over the fruits and freeze. You’ll end up with a thin ring, which you can hang in Polly’s cage. You can also make these for wild birds. There are a few caveats, though. Only feed birds fresh fruits and veggies, not canned. Also, wash your feathered pal’s produce carefully, as birds are prone to infections.

Pocket Pets

Bunnies, Guinea pigs, hamsters, and other pint-sized furballs can all have fresh fruits and veggies. There’s no reason your pet can’t have their foods chilled!


Take care to only offer safe foods. The exact list of safe and unsafe foods depends on what type of pet you have, but some foods are bad for almost all of them. This includes garlic, onions, chocolate, caffeine, pitted fruits, and junk food. Ask your vet for more information.

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