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How to Spoil a Puppy

July 15 2021

Has a new puppy just joined your household? Congratulations! There are few things that bring more joy into our lives than pets. Puppies are lots of fun, and they’re also absolutely adorable. Of course, bonding and petucation are both very important at this stage, and can help you and your new canine buddy get started out on the right paw in life. Here, a Cherry Hill, NJ vet offers some advice on how to pamper your pooch.

Chew Toys

Puppies chew for many reasons. For one thing, it soothes the soreness caused by teething. Baby dogs are also very curious about things. Make sure that your furry friend always has suitable chew toys.


Socialization is very important at this stage of little Fido’s life. You want to expose him to new places and faces, so he’ll form an open, friendly opinion about the world. Host a puppy party, take your fuzzy pal to a park, or enroll him in doggy daycare.


Did you know that over 80 percent of dogs have some form of dental issues by the time they are three? Nail trims are also important. Teach little Fido to accept having his feet and paws handled. This will make things easier for both of you down the road! 

Bath Training

We know, most of our canine companions don’t think of getting bathed as being pampered. However, it’s important for you to teach little Fido that baths are a normal part of doggy life. Sweeten the deal with lots of treats and praise.


Crate training is also best handled at this age. Your pooch will likely need to be crated at some point in his life, so it’s a good idea to get him used to it now. Take your time with it, and focus on helping little Fido form a ‘pawsitive’ impression about his crate.


Treats are actually very helpful for puppy parenting. They make great training aids, definitely spark tail wags, and can really help you and little Fido bond. Just stick to safe options.

Veterinary Care

While little Fido may prefer a trip to the park over a trip to the clinic, he’ll be healthier and happier with proper veterinary care. Healthy pets are happy pets!

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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