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Winter Puppy Care

December 15 2021

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! Puppies are adorable, and lots of fun. However, little Fido will need lots of attention at this crucial stage of his life. While for the most part, caring for a puppy is the same in winter as it is in summer, there are a few key differences. A Haddon Township, NJ vet discusses winter puppy care below. 


Some breeds just naturally handle the cold better than others. A husky puppy will probably have a blast running and playing in the snow, but a baby Chihuahua could quickly get hypothermic. If little Fido has thin fur, watch for warning signs that he’s getting cold. Shivering is often the first thing you’ll notice. This is the perfect time to train your puppy to wear sweaters and booties, and accept having paw balm rubbed into his paw pads. A warm, comfy bed is also a must. 


Potty-training is a crucial part of your canine pal’s petucation. When it’s cold, opt for short but frequent walks. Be sure to keep little Fido’s potty area shoveled! You may find it helpful to teach your puppy to use pads. In spring, you can move these outside to transition your pooch into going outdoors. Ask your vet for specific advice on this. 


Socialization is absolutely crucial to puppies. The holidays can be a great time for this! Have some friends and family members come over to pet and play with your furry friend. You can also set out baskets of approved toys and treats for them to give him. 


Puppyproofing is a must! Anything with ropes and cords, such as ribbons, tinsel, lights, garlands, and cords, is a hazard, as are small/sharp objects, such as ornaments, ornament hooks, small figurines and nic nacs, and craft pieces. Many seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, lilies, and holly, are also unsafe. Ask your vet for more information.


Put lots of toys in little Fido’s stocking, and play with him daily. (Tip: Fetch can be played indoors.) Don’t forget to take lots of pictures: your furry buddy’s adorable toddler stage will pass quickly!


Little Fido will go through a massive growth spurt over the next few months. A proper diet is absolutely crucial at this stage! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Haddon Township, NJ animal clinic, anytime!

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