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Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15 2022

Today, July 15th, is Pet Fire Safety Day. This is a pretty important topic! Pets start as many as 1000 house fires every year. This is one area where taking some basic precautions can really make a difference. A Cherry Hill, NJ vet discusses fire safety below.


Did you know that putting a barbeque on a wooden deck is a huge fire risk? It’s definitely more dangerous to grill in a small area when your canine pal is underfoot. Adding wood to the mix only increases the odds of a mishap. It’s best to keep grills in spots where they aren’t too close to buildings … and keep Fido out of the way until dinner.


Candles and pets are really never a safe mix. Fido can easily knock over a candle that’s on a low table, either by smacking it with his tail or knocking into the table. Fluffy also isn’t safe, as she likes to climb to high spots and can easily put her tail too close to a flame. If you do burn candles, keep them in thick holders, in spots that your furry pal can’t get to.

Water Bowls

In summer, Fluffy and Fido should always have water outside. Just don’t put glass bowls on wooden decks. Because of the way these refract sunlight, this is a fire risk.

Gas Stoves

This one isn’t going to be much of an issue for people with smaller pets. However, if your dog is tall enough to reach a burner knob, he could accidentally turn it on.


Some of our four-legged friends have a habit of chewing on and or playing with wires. This is very dangerous! Not only could your furry pal be seriously hurt if they bite a live wire, they actually could start a fire. Keep wires out of paws’ reach. Anything you can’t move should be treated with a taste deterrent or covered in a protective casing.


It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Have a family plan in case a fire does break out. That plan should include pets! Another thing you can do is put stickers on your windows. Note how many pets you have, and where they are likely to hide.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Call us, your Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, today!

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