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Signs Your Pet Is Having An Emergency

August 2 2022

One thing that can make a huge difference to your pet’s health and well-being is knowing the warning signs of an emergency. When a pet has a visible wound or injury, such as a severe limp or a deep cut, then it’s obvious that they need emergency care. However, sometimes the red flags are a bit more subtle. A Cherry Hill, NJ vet lists some things to look for below.

Reduced Appetite 

Your fuzzy pal should always be interested in dinner. If Fido or Fluffy just don’t want to eat, there may be something going on. Changes in water consumption are also concerning. 


We know, many of our furry patients are couch potatoes by nature. However, if your pet just has no energy, or is retreating to a hiding spot and then not emerging, there may be something wrong.

Weight Changes

Sudden weight gain or loss is also a warning sign. Keep a close eye on Fido and Fluffy’s waistlines!

Respiratory Issues

It’s normal for Fido to pant if it’s really hot out or if he just spent the last several minutes chasing after his favorite ball, but ongoing panting can be indicative of medical problems. If Fluffy is panting, however, she is either dangerously hot or very ill. Shallow or labored breathing is also very concerning, as is coughing, rasping, or wheezing. 


Just like people, pets sometimes get the occasional upset tummy. A single incident may not be anything to be too concerned about, but anything more than that should warrant a call to the vet. If your animal companion is vomiting violently, throwing up continuously, or dry heaving, call your vet right away. Ongoing diarrhea is also a red flag.

Difficulty Urinating 

This one should always warrant an immediate trip to the vet, as it can be indicative of life-threatening blockages. Dark or bloody urine is also a sign of trouble.

Uncharacteristic Behavior

Pets are all unique, and so they can react differently when they don’t feel well. Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of the ordinary for your four-legged friend. For instance, if your kitty is usually aloof, but is suddenly demanding lots of attention and cuddles, she may be ill.

As your Cherry Hill, NJ animal clinic, we’re here for any emergency situations that may arise for your pet. Contact us anytime!

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