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And Meow, A Word About Tuxie Cats

September 1 2023

Do you have a tuxedo kitty? You may want to mark your calendar for September 9th: it’s Fluffy’s official holiday! Actually, there are a few different tuxedo cat celebration days. National Tuxedo Cat Day is November 29th, and Tuxedo Cat Appreciation Day is January 29th. We’re not sure why our feline overlords ended up with three days devoted to tuxies and none for gray cats, but then, cats do quite a few things we find confusing. Either way, we’re happy to show our love for furballs in formal wear. A local Lexington, KY offers some information on tuxedo cats in this article.

What Is A Tuxedo Cat?

A tuxie is a bicolored cat with white markings on her chest, belly, paws, and sometimes face. Technically, Fluffy could be called a piebald. The vast majority of tuxies have black coats with white splotches, but tuxies can also be gray and white. 

Why Are Tuxedo Cats Special?

Tuxies are generally known for being playful, cuddly, adorable, and perhaps a bit extra. Of course, we could also say that about most kitties!

Is It Rare To Have A Female Tuxedo Cat?

About half of kitties in formal wear are male, and the other half female. This isn’t the case with all colors or coat patterns, though. Ginger cats, for instance, are mostly male. However, fluffy tuxies are less common than shorthaired ones.

What Breed Of Cat Are Tuxedos?

Tuxies aren’t a specific breed. In fact, several kitties have the option of donning tuxedo outfits. That list includes the Domestic Shorthair, Turkish Van, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Exotic Shorthair, Maine Coon, and Manx.

Who Are Some Famous Tuxedo Cats?

The most well-known tuxie is probably Sylvester of Looney Tunes fame. The sputtering furball made his official debut back in 1945, in a short called Life With Feathers, which marked the beginning of the feline’s tumultuous relationships with feathered roommates. Sylvester went on to star in a whopping 103 cartoons. There’s also Felix, a comic strip star, and, of course, the kitty from Dr. Suess’ The Cat In The Hat. However, not all famous tuxies are cartoon cats. There’s Socks, the Clintons’ kitty, who was the official First Cat at the White House. Another important tuxie was Simon, who won a medal in World War l for keeping mice out of British soldiers’ food supplies.

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