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How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

September 15 2023

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Being a truly responsible dog owner doesn’t just entail filling Fido’s bowl and offering him treats: it really entails taking care of your canine pal’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A Cherry Hill, NJ vet lists some of the crucial aspects of responsible dog ownership below.

Be Committed

Before bringing Fido home, make sure you’re ready, willing, and able to provide great care for the rest of his life. Adoption is a forever commitment! 

Provide Proper Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is crucial to Fido’s health and well-being. Most adult dogs need to come in at least once a year, though some pooches may need more frequent appointments. Ask your vet to recommend a schedule.

Get Fido Fixed

We also strongly recommend getting your canine buddy fixed. With so many homeless dogs out there already, it’s hard to justify bringing unwanted litters into the world. (Bonus: Fido will be calmer, healthier, and better behaved after.)

Adopt, Don’t Shop

One change we’re happy to see in recent years is a rising backlash against puppy mills. That isn’t to say that all breeders are unethical: there are some wonderful ones out there. But, if you’re ready to get a dog, consider rescuing a shelter pooch. 

Keep Your Pup Safe With Petproofing

Dogs are very active, intelligent, and curious. This can be a dangerous mix, especially given that our canine pals don’t know what is and isn’t dangerous. There are many elements to doggy safety. Petproofing is a big one! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Offer Entertainment And Exercise

Did you know that a lack of activity and enrichment can contribute to a whole slew of bad doggy behaviors? Fido will be both calmer and happier if he’s getting the right amount—and type—of exercise and entertainment. That includes toys, walks, training, playtime, and, of course, the occasional adventure to parks or playdates.

Do Breed Research

While our canine friends all have the same general care requirements, specifics vary from pup to pup. Great Danes and Pomeranians have very different needs! Taking time to learn about your furry friend’s breed (or breeds) can shed a lot of light on his health, personality, and behavior.

Get That Tail Going

Love is the final ingredient to a good dog-care regimen. Spend lots of quality time with Fido, and make sure he feels loved.

As Cherry Hill, NJ veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care. Call us anytime!

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